How You Can Be Happy Being Single Forever


Not everyone was meant to go the traditional route. Although society expects you to find someone, get married, and start the traditional family with two kids and a few pets, it is not for everyone. For some people, they are simply happier on their own. Unfortunately, the society that we live in frowns upon this. 


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Well, we are here to tell you that there is no reason to feel bad about yourself just because you are single. In fact, there are a lot of great things about being single forever. Kartikeya Sharma has a lot to say on this topic and he discussed a few of those points with us below. Read more to find out how to be happy being single forever and why it is not so bad after all.


You Are Not Tied Down To Anyone


When you enter a relationship, there will be a lot of sacrifices and compromises that you have to make. If you are not in a relationship, you don’t have to do any of that. This means you are free to do what you want when you want to do it. Instead of having to coordinate with another person, ask for permission, and work around their lives, you can simply get up and go. 



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How Going on Dates Can Help You Be Happy In a Relationship Again


No matter how fun and exciting something may seem at first, the enthusiasm fades eventually. What was once exciting becomes mundane and repetitive. This is all too common to see within relationships.


For many couples, they lose sight of what they liked most about each other in the first place and they can spiral downhill until they find themselves in an unhappy relationship. If this is not repaired in time, it can spell the end for their relationship.


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Go On Dates


Just because you are in an established relationship does not mean you need to stop going out on dates with each other.


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How to Choose an Ideal Holiday Gift Basket?

Gift baskets have been getting really popular as a gift item lately. This is probably due to the versatility and uniqueness that they bring to the table. For the price you can get a cool one at, there probably aren’t many other better options.

However, due to the wide range of gift baskets being available out there, it can get very confusing to choose the right one for your needs. While you can avoid the confusion by going for custom gift baskets, even that may be a little challenging when it comes to choosing a holiday gift basket.

So let us discuss a few tips gift experts like Anand Mishra have been sharing with their readers.

Consider the holiday

This is a given, yet so many people overlook it. A LOT depends on the holiday when it comes to choosing the right holiday gift basket.

So for instance, if it’s father’s day, you may want to get a holiday nuts gift basket. If you have been careful enough to throw in different types of nuts, it would probably turn out to be a perfect replacement for those unhealthy snacks for your father.

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A Look at Some Unique Gift Basket Themes


While giving an expensive gift and trying to wow the recipient may work sometimes, it isn’t something that you can do every time (unless you’re richer than we can imagine). More importantly, however, even those typical expensive gifts are losing their appeal nowadays.

On the other hand, a theme-based gift basket may be a much more unique gift, and may really make the recipient feel that you have actually put in some thought and efforts into coming up with the idea.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some really unique and cool gift basket themes.

The “Sports Fan” Theme


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Fashion and Accessories for short people


Presenting yourself with graceful attire can be difficult when you are short.  It can be hard for people to take your outfits serious and formal wear may make you look like a caricature.  The wrong outfits can make you appear stocky and even shorter than you are.  According to CEO Anand Mishra: “Your outfit is your first introduction”


This article will offer you some fashion and accessories tips for the vertically challenged.   You’ll learn what to look for when picking outfits and how to appear longer.


Wear one color


Dressing monochrome means you pick one color and each piece of your outfit is a different shade of that color.  For example, black pants, white shoes, grey shirt.  Wearing a single color palette gives you an elongated appearance, which makes you look taller.  Wearing multiple colors breaks up your silhouette and draws attention to your height.


Maxi dresses


For women, well fitting, column-style skirts and dresses are a good look.  The better fitting the dress, the less “swallowed up” you’ll appear.



  • Oversized bags
  • Square shirts – square shaped clothing makes you appear stocky
  • Horizontal lines – these make you look wider



For shorter women it’s okay to take a bit of a risk on your accessories.  A striking piece that starts conversation draws attention away from your height.  A beautiful pendant is more striking than a simple choker. 


For men make sure you a have a collection of belts, watches and at least one pair of nice sunglasses.  Your sunglasses should match the shape of your face, which would compliment your overall appearance.  For watches, slim bands are generally best for short people.